A Victorian engineering firm has been engaged to carry out a $4.8 million upgrade on Heathcote Water Treatment Plant.

Laurie Curran Water will carry out the works which will improve water taste and odour, as well as the overall efficiency.

A treatment process that was recently introduced will become a permanent feature of the plant. Manager Infrastructure, Corey Bourne, said the works will improve the broader water treatment process at the plant.

“We will be upgrading the disinfection equipment on site, including the UV system and chlorine treatment process.

“UV treatment ensures that microbiological pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, are eliminated and a chlorine contact tank will be added to the treatment process.

“This doesn’t mean we’re adding more chlorine to the water, we’re just changing the way in which chlorine is added to the water after the filtration process.

“We will be installing a permanent Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) dosing system, essentially providing another filtration barrier, which will significantly reduce the impacts of fluctuating raw water quality that can result in poor taste and odour.

“These works will allow the plant to run more smoothly and address the operational inefficiencies we’ve seen in the past,” Mr Bourne said.

The upgrades are expected to be complete around December 2019.

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