The $40 million Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project is underway and the required pipes delivered to completely upgrade the region’s century-old irrigation infrastructure.

“Harcourt’s concrete and earthen channel system has become aged and inefficient, after servicing
rural customers for more than 100 years,” said Victorian Minister for Water, Peter Walsh.

“This is a long-awaited project and I am pleased to see the 19 kilometres of pipes required start to
be delivered.

“The Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project will provide a year-round pressurised supply of water
to irrigators in the region.

“By providing irrigators with greater water security, there will be improved business certainty. This
will underpin the sustainability of agriculture in the area.

“The Government has set a target for Victorian farmers to double production by
2030, and providing a reliable, efficient water supply will help them to achieve that goal.”

Mr Walsh said 65 kilometres of open channels would be replaced by a new underground piped
water system, saving an estimated 950 megalitres of water per year.

Four trucks per day over the next three months will be used to deliver the 19 kilometres of pipes
needed to construct the backbone of the pipeline network.

“The Harcourt Water Services Committee, which was established in 2008, has played a significant
role in moving this project forward,” Mr Walsh said.

Acting Chairman Russell Walker said Coliban Water had worked with members of the local
community to design a supply system that will meet their needs now and into the future.

“We expect to finalise the construction contract shortly, with work anticipated to commence on the
ground early next year,“ Mr Walker said.

The contract to supply the 19 kilometres of ductile iron pipes and fittings to be used to
construct the backbone of the new modernised rural pipeline system was awarded to Pentair.

The tender for the supply of pumps has been awarded in two parts to Xylem for the Faraday site and KSB for the Barkers Creek site. These contracts are for the supply of the pumps and motor sets that will be needed for the new pump stations at each location.

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