Australian Pump Industries, Australian distributors for Tsurumi Pump products, is bringing an exciting range of wastewater treatment pump products to the market.
Tsurumi’s reputation in Australia is largely based on their expertise in dewatering pumps. However, what many don’t realise is the company is also a major manufacturer of a complete range of wastewater treatment equipment.


The company manufactures advanced design bar screens, a huge range of specialty sewage pumps that include cutter, grinder and vortex pumps, and compact submersible aerators. At Tsurumi’s huge plant in Kyoto, the company develops and comprehensively tests new concepts in wastewater treatment before putting them on the market.

The company’s range now dominates large sections of Southeast Asia, with large programs running in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and more recently Myanmar.

Pump products include Tsurumi’s VANCS series, where both single and three phase pumps made of stainless steel and FRP resin are able to handle compressible solids. These pumps feature large passage vortex impellers. The VANCS range, available in discharge ports from 40 to 80mm, are available with optional sliding guide rails for permanent installation.

Tsurumi developed a unique auto duplexing system that does away with expensive control panels. The simple dual pump system can be set by using an automatic and alternating pump, no complicated external control panel is required. The installer simply connects power to their pump. By adjusting the float levels the pumps can be set to run alternatively. If extra capacity is required both pumps will automatically work together. The alternating model has three floats that can be identified with a suffix W in the model name.

These pumps are available in the same output range as the automatic pumps, allowing the complete priming and secondary operating system to be installed.

The VANCS series have flow rates of up to 950L/m and heads of as high as 26 metres. A VANCS Tsurumi pump was recently discovered in a permanent installation in Tasmania where it had been running continuously for 87,000 hours!

Tsurumi’s sewage pump range includes a range of vortex pumps in both 2 and 4 pole configuration. The 4 pole pumps can interchange with Flygt and Grundfos, making replacement installation easy. The pumps range in flows of up to 2,600L/m with maximum solids handling of up to 100mm.

Low cost, efficient aeration systems using submersible aerators, pumps and mixing equipment, are simple to install and easy to maintain.

Low cost, efficient aeration systems using submersible aerators, pumps and mixing equipment, are simple to install and easy to maintain.

A similar product range, the Tsurumi B Series is a channel impeller style available in an extensive range right up to 800mm port size. These heavy duty pumps will interchange with other brands and designed for sewage, wastewater and effluent draining. Guide rail kits are available for all models.

C series cutter series pumps that incorporate a channel impeller with a cutter mechanism are also proving popular in Australia. A centred tungsten carbide alloy tip is braised onto the impeller vane and rotates against the serrated edge of the suction cover. This mechanism cuts fibrous matter that flows into the pump with ease.

Grinder pumps are also available – Tsurumi’s MG Series, with a grinding mechanism in the suction port that chops incoming solids into small pieces. This enables the pump to handle sewage via a small diameter pipe without the fear of clogging.

Both the MG and C Series pumps are interchangeable with Flygt. The big B Series pumps are available with flows of over 100 cubic metres per minute and are installed in some of Japan’s biggest sewage installations.

Pretreatment equipment – aeration and mixing gear

Tsurumi’s TRN Series aerators are self-aspirating submersible aerating devices. A built in special semi-open impeller, made from cast 410 stainless steel, draws in air which is mixed with the liquid and discharged at high pressure. This innovative design leads to highly efficient aeration.

Easy and low cost installation makes these reliable aerators great cost cutters for sewage and waste water system designers. The range extends right up to 40 kW versions capable of handling air flow rates of up to 528 cubic metres per hour. Starting method is DOL for the smaller models but Star Delta for the models between 12 and 40 kW.

These submersible aerators can be installed in tanks, pits or sumps and are available with maximum water depths of 6 metres. Aerators can be supplied with stand or draught tube for special applications.

The adoption of a Tsurumi aerator with an optional stand or draught tube could be the solution in a number of applications where the aerator is to be installed in existing tank, and is not possible to alter the depth of the tank. Two or more aerators may be installed in the tank to work together depending on the size.

The oxygen transfer rate is the speed the oxygen in the air dissolves into liquid. It can be a guide when a biological treatment is being designed. The oxygen transfer rate is not the one that is directly measured but is given from a calculation taking various factors such as DO concentration, ambient temperature and water temperature. The oxygen transfer rate may vary by up to approximately 10 per cent.

Tsurumi’s biggest aerator, the 150 TRN440, has an oxygen transfer rate of 28.9kg O2 per hour.

“Australian Pump Industries has produced a wastewater treatment guide that focuses on Tsurumi’s excellent wastewater treatment equipment. Tsurumi is the only company we know of that will offer a three year warranty on submersible sewage pumps and aeration equipment,” said Product Manager, Craig Bridgement.

The products are backed by the company and are already used in a wide range of applications in Australia in the non-government sector. Tsurumi plan on sending a team of engineers to Australia to investigate public works and to identify applications for their wastewater equipment in the coming months. Watch this space!

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