A tour of a sewage treatment plant is just one of the free activities on offer to Moreton Bay residents as part of the 2015 Connect to Your Creek program (QLD).

The program, hosted by Moreton Bay Regional Council, Unitywater and local environmental groups will have a range of free events on offer.

The annual Connect to Your Creek Week program aims to inspire South East Queenslanders to get active and support their local waterways.

As part of the program, Unitywater will open the doors to the Murrumba Downs sewage treatment plant to highlight how safe sewage treatment is essential for the health of the community and waterways.

Healthy Waterways’ Chief Executive Officer Julie McLellan said the aim of Connect to Your Creek Week is to increase community stewardship around waterway health.

“I believe the more people use our waterways, the more they are valued and appreciated,” Ms McLellan said.

“By actively engaging with our waterways through recreational, cultural and educational experiences, people will be motivated to value and care for their local creek.”

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