Selecting the right coupling provides significant savings on pump operating costs, while also increasing pump life cycles – two good reasons to take a close look at KTR pump components, distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand through Deanquip.

KTR couplings meet the special requirements of the pump industry, in particular API 610, 671 and 685 and certification ATEX 95.

Certificates for the oil and gas industry

Signed, sealed and delivered – KTR’s strict quality standards are officially approved by a string of certifications. The oil and gas sector applies extremely strict standards to any company joining its select group of suppliers. Certifications for major oil companies can only be obtained after years of preparation. That’s why KTR is particularly proud of being a certified partner to Saudi Aramco, Petroleum Development Oman, Saipem and Shell.

ATEX explosion protection

In line with European Directive 94/9/EC, known as ATEX 95, KTR has arranged for key products in its overall range to undergo inspection by an independent institute to assess their suitability for use in explosion-prone areas.

Perfect power transmission for all media

KTR offers an extensive product range of flexible torsionally stiff couplings, with or without a spacer, both for universal applications and particularly difficult ambient conditions.

For pumps: the torsionally flexible jaw coupling ROTEX®; the short, axial plug-in, torsionally flexible, failsafe jaw coupling POLY-NORM®; and the non-failsafe POLY coupling, as well as the torsionally rigid, backlash-free steel lamina couplings RADEX®-N and RIGIFLEX®-N. The double cardanic design was developed particularly for pump drives. It corresponds to API 610 or 671 and accepts temperatures between -30°C and 280°C thanks to its all-steel design. For a non-contact torque transmission in pumps for aggressive and toxic media, the permanent magnetic coupling MINEX® is used. DATAFLEX® has proven its worth as an accurate measuring device for development and quality assurance.

For mobile compressors: the highly flexible flange coupling BoWex-ELASTIC® or DATAFLEX®.

For stationary compressors:


For vacuum pumps: ROTEX® and ROTEX® FNN with fan, in addition to BoWex®, POLY-NORM®, MINEX® or DATAFLEX®.

In addition to its extensive standard range of products, KTR develops thousands of customised solutions every year for use on every kind of pump, either for fluid or gaseous media, on vacuum pumps and compressors.

The KTR industry brochure for pumps and compressors outlines the full range of power transmission solutions for all media types and is available for download at

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