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End users now have more choice than ever when it comes to selecting a pump brand, from local to international manufacturers, and can shop around for the cheapest prices both in stores and online. However, one important consideration that should be taken into account when selecting a brand is the level of customer service provided, from advice and proposal, through to after sales support.

Having a high level of customer service is important for both the application requirements and the lifecycle of the equipment. Not only will this ensure that you are getting the right equipment for your needs and it runs efficiently, but any problems or changes to pumping requirements in the future will be handled quickly, effectively and with minimal hassle.

Getting the right pump

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account when selecting a pump, and talking to an experienced technical service manager is key to getting the right pump for your application.

Malcolm Eyre, Managing Director at Franklin Electric, said there are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when selecting a pump, from size, to power and water source.

“Getting the right pump for your application is imperative to keeping costs down.

“If an over or undersized pump is selected, the end user will find their power usage and costs higher than necessary. The pump is also more likely to require maintenance more often and have a shorter lifespan.”

Power and water source also need to be carefully considered.

“Diesel has traditionally been used by those in remote locations where there is no access to the electricity grid.

“Another option that has been gaining popularity is solar. This is a great option for those looking to improve their bottom line over the long term. Solar pumps can also be integrated with diesel or electricity to create a hybrid energy source for when there is limited sun exposure.”

The water source the pump will be drawing from will also impact on the type of pump that is required.

If groundwater is the main source, a submersible or vertical turbine pump will need to be used; however, if drawing from a deep aquifer, a special deep well pump may be required to lift the water and pressurise it.

“Being able to speak to a knowledgeable technical service manager is important to ensure you’re getting the right pump for your requirements. The distributor or manufacturer will be able to determine the size of the pump that will best meet your requirements, the type of pump based on the water source, and advise if solar is a good option for you.”

Troubleshooting and maintenance

Another area where customer service should be valued is access to troubleshooting and maintenance from the manufacturer.

“At some point pumps will experience problems or need maintenance, and having easy access to a pump engineer is needed to get the pump working optimally again. If any problems need troubleshooting, the manufacturer is best placed to evaluate the pump and find the solution.

“However, this level of customer service from manufacturers can be hard to find. International brands may not have a base in Australia, so there may not be anyone who can come out to check on the pump in person.

“Manufacturers are the best option, but depending on where they have offices, they may not offer in-person services if you are located too far away and they don’t have regional technical teams.

“Selecting a manufacturer with a presence across the country or regional technical managers that are able to travel will ensure any problems that do arise can be fixed quickly.”

A manufacturer that is there for you

Malcolm said that Franklin Electric prides itself on providing a high level of customer service to its clients, and the team will go out of its way to ensure clients have the right pump and that it keeps on running.

“We have a team of highly experienced technical service managers, covering both metro and regional locations, so no matter where you’re located, someone can come out and speak to you in person or troubleshoot onsite.

“We take local service seriously and can help you find the right pump for your needs—no matter the size, energy source or water source—to ensure you get the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Or if you think your current pump is wrong for you, we can assess it and give advice about the best course of action.

“Our team is always ready to go out of their way to give you the best service and fix any problems that may occur to our pumps over the course of their lifecycle.”

This partner content was brought to you by Franklin Electric. For more info visit Franklin Electric.

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