Advanced technology allows farmers to seamlessly integrate their equipment as agribusiness continues to boom.

Improvements in control system technology will mean the agricultural industry will be able to control, monitor and protect their machinery allowing for simplified procedures and increased safety mechanisms.

Electronics company, ComAp, has developed a controller which can allow an operator to monitor an engine for efficiency and faults. It allows farmers to start and stop remotely via an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet, and also provides alarms, warnings and GPS tracking.

Local fruit and vegetable producer, Red Earth Farms, recently invested in upgrading their sites to include ComAp control systems for irrigation of their crops.

Kym Pfeiler, son of the family-run business says the installation of ComAp control systems on both of their river land sites has greatly improved the daily running of the business.

“We are now able to efficiently irrigate all of our crops, control the water pressure and even monitor the systems remotely,” Mr Pfeiler said.

“We were having difficulty keeping all of our crops irrigated. The ComAp controllers have meant that we are able to be more efficient, improve safety and control the system from our phone as a result of the remote monitoring software, alarms and monitoring.”

There are several different types of controllers that can be used for both mobile and stationary machinery with both mechanical and electronic, diesel and gas engines.

These controllers mean the agricultural industry will see a new wave of technology inputs for their machinery with the aim to improve their daily processes through safety and efficiency.

This partner content is brought to you by ComAp. For more information, contact ComAp’s local area switchboard on (08) 8177 0333.

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