Tsurumi has finished the design, prototyping, and laboratory-based testing of its 1000V submersible dewatering pumps – and now the pumps are set to hit live mine environments in Australia.

Australian Pump Industries, Tsurumi’s distributor, are working with key mine operators on a program that will offer 11kW through to 110kW 1000V dewatering pumps for field testing.

“The plan is to introduce Tsurumi LH high head pumps. They offer real advantages over current design, and significant price and cost benefits,” said Australian Pump’s John Kofron. “Tsurumi are famous for their advanced design and heavy duty construction. They have the capacity to build over 1.5 million pumps a year!”

The 1000V series was specifically designed to withstand the punishing conditions found in mining sites.  The three-phase pumps have flows of up to 6,500 lpm and maximum head of up to 200m.

Tsurumi’s KTV and three phase LH series high head pumps are already well established in Australian mine and quarry applications. They have been selected by consultants and specified by pump engineers in projects including Gina Reinhardt’s Roy Hill mine.

“The pumps are loaded with features designed to give mine operators the lowest possible total cost of ownership,” said Mr Kofron. “Many of these are quite unique to Tsurumi and are in line with their philosophy of no-compromise design.”

The motors feature inbuilt thermal protection that cuts power on overcurrent or extended dry run conditions. The self-reset activates once the motor has cooled, allowing the pump to automatically restart.

Like all Tsurumi submersible pumps, the 1000V series includes exclusive features that maximise the uptime of the pump. They include an anti-wicking cable entry that prevents water from entering the motor if the power lead is damaged or nicked.

A double silicon carbide seal is standard on all models. Both seal surfaces are submerged in an oil chamber, away from the pumped liquid. This ensures lubrication and protects against ingress of foreign materials.

The mechanical seal design features a patented Tsurumi oil lifter that increases seal longevity. The lifter ensures both the upper and lower seals are lubricated and cooled, even if the oil level in the chamber is low, or if the pump is operating out of level.

“These features virtually knock out the biggest failure points on any submersible pump,” said Kofron. “Better products, lower initial and operating costs, and Tsurumi’s dedication to ‘total quality’ makes this product perfect for a mining industry looking for cost reduction.”

The new 1000V series of Tsurumi dewatering pumps are going live in mining sites around Australia as part of the field test program.

Further information on Tsurumi’s 1000V series of dewatering pumps is available on the Australian Pump Industries website,, and from Australian Pump Industries distributors throughout Australia.

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