BOERGER is a world-leading German manufacturer of rotary lobe pumps and macerating technologies since 1975. The brand has numerous established global offices and representatives, with Boerger Pumps Asia as the Regional Headquarter in Asia.

With pumping volumes up to 1,450m³/h in 25 pump sizes and pressures of up to 16 bar, Boerger’s BLUEline and ONIXline pumps provide a wide selection catering for various industries with customisable solutions. The ability to customise Boerger pumps and tailor them for each scenario allows us to build the optimal rotary lobe pump for almost any application. Macerating technologies, including the Multicrusher, Multichopper and Rotorrake, provide efficient chopping operations, ensuring downstream machines and pumps operate smoothly.

Our latest innovation, the BLUEline Nova rotary lobe pump sets new standards in pump technology and achieves unrivalled volumetric efficiencies. The newly developed DIUS rotors in the flow-optimised pump chamber combined with an optimised pump gear unit ensure perfectly smooth running even at high pressures.

Our exclusive Boerger MIP-Design (Maintenance in Place) is a unique advantage to minimise downtime and maintenance, allowing quick and convenient replacement of all fluid wetted parts without removal of pipes, drives or other components of the pump unit – quick, uncomplicated, inexpensive.

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