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Pump Systems PTY Ltd.

Established in 1984, Pump Systems is a specialist supplier of wastewater processing technology. We are exclusive Australasian agents for:

• Vaughan Chopper Pumps and Rotamix Systems – Designed and built in America since 1960, chopper pumps are severe duty, guaranteed non-clogging pumps designed to chop all incoming solids. Resilient to fibrous solids, Vaughan chopper pumps are often used where other pumps clog and block. This eliminates ongoing expenses associate with call outs to clear pump station blockages. Vaughan Rotamix is a tank mixing system that uses chopper pumps to feed in-tank directional mixing nozzles. This system offers guaranteed mixing rates to keep solids in suspension within the tank, as well as conditioning tank fluids, which prevents pipe and nozzle blockages while increasing biogas production. Vaughan’s chopper pumps Rotamix systems are used extensively across Australia and NZ.

• Lackeby Products – Swedish manufacturer of high-quality, stainless steel waste processing equipment including drum screens, various channel screen types, sludge heat exchangers, grit clarifiers and washers, shaftless screw conveyors and waste receiving stations.

We combine Vaughan’s non-clogging chopper pumps and Rotamix systems with Lackeby’s waste processing equipment, such as sludge heat exchangers and screening equipment, to offer high performance and reliable waste processing solutions.

Head office/warehouse:
1 McKechnie Street,
Geraldine, 7930, New Zealand


Our Address:

Level 15, 390 St. Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC, 3004


-37.839856, 144.977562

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