Coliban Water is employing diving specialists to replace submersible mixers at the Bendigo Water Reclamation Plant (VIC) so it can remain in operation.

Coliban Water is using divers for the repair at the Epsom plant because the tanks and mixers are in constant use, so taking the plant offline to empty the tanks is not a viable option.

Works began in January for the $800,000 project and Xylem was awarded the contract to supply and install the Flygt mixers.

Coliban Water Manager Infrastructure Delivery, Corey Bourne, said the new mixers will enable the biological treatment of the wastewater to take place and control the flow of the wastewater to the next stage of the process.

“The divers have specialist training and work in zero visibility to remove the old mixers and install a guide bar system. The new mixers can be raised on to the guide bar, which enables flexibility in positioning and easy access for inspection and service.

“The original mixers were installed in 1990 when the plant was built and are approaching the end of their functional working life. We are replacing 20 mixers in 10 treatment tanks.

“The new mixers are more reliable and energy efficient, which will improve plant efficiency and reduce the plant’s operating costs.”

The plant treats wastewater from around 40,000 customers in the Bendigo area, with an average day treating around 19million litres of wastewater.

Divers were also used early in the project for the removal of the old mixers and installing the guide bars.

The project is scheduled for completion in June 2016.

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