A new line of heavy duty sludge pumps now available from Hydro Innovations is said to be able to handle the thickest sludge. Ramparts single acting air driven diaphragm pumps are described as the most cost effective sludge pumps on the toughest of applications, including pumping undiluted sludge.

Pumping sludge with high solids content is a tough job. Handling foreign objects along with it (such as rags) is even tougher. And handling all this when the sludge is abrasive and corrosive is almost impossible ….for most pumps. The Ramparts air operated diaphragm pump can handle the thickest and most abrasive sludge applications, with the lowest of PH levels, and pass solids such as rags. And if a solid is too large to pass, the quick-release cover-plates on the ball check valves enable the removal of obstructions in just a few minutes.

Ramparts sludge pumps are easy and cost effective to maintain and can produce flows from as little as 10 litres per minute (with the 15P) through to 1200 litres per minute for the largest pump in the range (the 60P). Diaphragms and other “wetted parts” are available in a variety of corrosion and/or abrasion resistant elastomers, and pumps can also be fully lined with these materials for added protection and extended pump life.

Pumps are also able to be “fine tuned” to each and every application, as suction and discharge air pressures can be independently varied, along with cycle rates and stroke times. This capability ensures the longest possible diaphragm life, efficient use of the available air and highly accurate flow rates. ■

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