Aerial view of The Entrance

Central Coast Council’s works to dredge the sand spit at The Entrance is set to commence, with Council crews and machinery to be out on the sand berm in the coming weeks.

The sand will be relocated to the northern foreshores of Karagi Point Reserve to renourish some of the eroded areas there, putting the community in a stronger position if any flood mitigation works are required. 

Although the focus of the works is to protect and improve access and amenity around Karagi Point Reserve and the infrastructure there, these works will make it easier for Council to respond during a severe weather event, if one arises. 

Council has also chosen this timing as the critically endangered Little Terns have now flown to the northern hemisphere for winter.

Protecting, restoring and managing natural assets, including Tuggerah Lakes, is of high importance to Council and the strategic management of Tuggerah Lakes and The Entrance channel is undertaken on the foundation of expert studies, estuary and coastal management intelligence tools, and the expertise of specialist consultants and Council staff.

Council is currently working towards the development of an Entrance Management Strategy through the Tuggerah Lakes Coastal Management Program.

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