The Water Safety Association of Australia (WSAA) and WaterRA have announced the release of the “Good Practice Guide to the Operation of Drinking Water Supply Systems for the Management of Microbial Risk.”

The purpose of this guide is to provide concise advice on good practice preventive measures for the management of drinking water treatment processes and the distribution of this treated water to consumers.

This is achieved by providing targets, both numerical and observational, for the various activities that should be undertaken in order to produce microbially-safe drinking water.

The guide is not intended to be a risk assessment tool; it assumes that a system-specific risk assessment has been done, and that the treatment and distribution processes that are present are suitable for the assessed level of microbial risk.

The guide focuses on the optimisation, management and control of existing water supply systems.

The advice in this guide is applicable to existing water supply systems and is intended to help water utilities produce microbially-safe drinking water under existing arrangements; it will also assist utilities meet any future microbial health-based targets that may be included in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).

The guide is presented in a tabular format for simplicity, in sections relating to the key control points in typical water treatment and distribution systems.

The guide was written by Peter Mosse and Bruce Murray, with significant input from Richard Walker and David Sheehan, and was widely review by industry and regulatory representatives.

The publication will be available to download in PDF format for six months, to enable feedback from practitioners, followed by a print version.

Download the guide here.


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