FCR Motion Technology is proud to present the Emotron FDU series of pumping variable speed drives from CG Drives & Automation.

Born as Emotron in 1937, Emotron has developed solutions for the control and monitoring of electric motors. With over 30 years of experience in water handling applications, Emotron’s pumping solutions guarantee longer service life, flexibility, system protection and improved cost-efficiency.

The rugged construction of the IP54 FDU variable speed drive is designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, with power ranging from 0.75 to 3,000kW. The full featured FDU is designed to regulate the motor speed to control flow, and pressure with an in-built suite of pumping specific features which include:

Multi pump control – The control of up to seven pumps regulating the flow/pressure of the system, selecting the pump to give them all equal running time. Should one pump fail, the system automatically selects the next available pump, avoiding unnecessary down time.

Auto rinsing – When running at low speed, sludge can build up reducing the efficiency of the pump. With auto rinsing the system can be programmed to run at full speed at certain intervals or on start up to prevent this sludge building up.

System sleep – This function can be activated in low flow or no flow situations to prevent the pump from overheating and reduce energy consumption.

Damage protection – The built in shaft power monitor uses a unique load curve protection function to detect situations such as dry-running, cavitation, overheating, blocked pipes, etc.

Energy saving – By regulating the speed of the pump to control flow or pressure, the system will only use the power required to deliver the required output, saving considerable energy when demand is low.

Simple descriptive text – Simple descriptive programming parameters and operating units for pressure, flow, speed, etc, can be customised to suit user needs.

For more information visit or call 03 9362 6800.

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