Drive Systems has expanded its range of couplings stocked in Australia to include the Escodisc DPU series of coupling to API 610 standards.

Escodisc DPU series couplings have a maximum torque capacity of 23,100Nm and bore capacity up to 220mm.

A comprehensive range of the DPU Series API 610 disc couplings are stocked with a variety of spacers to fit standard DBSE (Distance Between Shaft Ends) in 100mm, 140mm, 180mm and spacers up to 300mm off the shelf that can be quickly modified to customer specific lengths.

Flexible spacer design

Thanks to the unique design of the Esco disc spacer with its flanges bolted to the intermediate tube section, its length is easily adaptable to customer requirements.

Therefore, quick delivery (even for non-standard DBSE) is possible for larger spacers above 180mm or to match imperial spacers often found in the petrochemical industry.

No buckling of discs

The Escodisc DPU series is built around Esco couplings genuine and original disc pack sub assembly design.

This design with optimised disc shape and thickness, is factory assembled and secured by shipping screws against damages, minimises assembly errors, simplifies coupling mounting and guarantees worry-free performance, low operating costs as well as long life of the connected equipment.

In order to guarantee perfect centring of the spacer under all working conditions (very important for long DBSE applications) and well controlled stresses in the disc pack, Escodisc couplings have been calculated and tested to have no buckling up to the peak torque.

This results in trouble-free operation, maximum efficiency and reduced risk for disc failure.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Thanks to the standard use of shipping screws and the factory assembled transmission spacers, Escodisc DPU couplings combine the high torque and misalignment with the ease of assembly. On average users can cut down assembly and disassembly costs by 50 per cent when using Esco disc DPU couplings.

Furthermore, because the transmission spacer is factory assembled, the risk for assembly errors is reduced to an absolute minimum level which results in reliable operation and extended life of the coupling.

The Esco advantage

The Escodisc DPU series offers:

  • High torque and high continuous misalignment capacity 
  • Maintenance free
  • Factory-assembled disc packs secured by shipping screws and thus protected against overstressing/damage
  • Positive centering and factory-assembled transmission unit/spacer minimising assembly errors and simplifying coupling mounting
  • Adjustable spacer design for easily accommodating DBSE changes
  • Excellent inherent balancing characteristics
  • No problems in dirty and corrosive environments due to the use of AISI 301 full hard stainless-steel discs and protected bolts
  • Optimised shaped stainless steel discs for equal load distribution
  • Fillers avoiding contact between discs hence no fretting corrosion
  • No disc buckling 
  • Precisely drilled and reamed flange holes
  • S hub for nominal bores and L hub for larger bores
  • Black oxide overall steel parts, oiled for protection
  • Special plated hardware
  • Easier and less costly mounting
  • Refurbishment of the coupling by fitting two new disc pack sub-assemblies to the existing spacer piece
  • Extended life
  • Very low and predictable reaction forces on associated equipment
  • Temperature range -40°C to 270°C

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