Drive Systems is pleased to announce its appointment as distributor for Australia and New Zealand for Poona Couplings. This includes the expansion of its Poona Coupling product range stocked in Australia to include the RB and PM series ranges suitable for diesel-driven drives and VSD-controlled electric motors drives.

Poona is engaged in the design and manufacture of couplings to suit various applications and market segments. The fail-safe solutions of the Poona couplings make them suitable for all industrial applications and mechanical power transmission (electric motor and diesel driven) equipment.

Along with standard product, Poona has the capability to manufacture a customised solution based on customer requirements and needs.

Poona has a flexible and adaptive manufacturing process to be able to design, engineer and assemble a unique solution, which is engineered to order.

Poona couplings are non-lubricated and utilise rubber blocks under compression to provide dampening of shock and variable loads in the drive system while transmitting high torque. These characteristics make them an ideal coupling for diesel-driven and electric motor drives controlled via Variable Speed Drives.

RB Series

Poona RB series are ideally suited to diesel-driven drives utilising SAE flywheel connection. RB series couplings can be directly mounted to the flywheel, eliminating the need for stub shafts and can, in some cases, help in reducing overall length of baseplates.

RB series coupling elements absorb unavoidable torsional vibrations associated with internal combustion engines and other reciprocating equipment.

As Poona couplings are intrinsically fail safe, it makes them ideally suited for applications such as fire pumps or applications where it is imperative that the pump continues to operate even in the unlikely event of rubber block damage or failure.

Standard range comprises

  • Flywheel to shaft
  • Flywheel to shaft with increase shaft engagement
  • Shaft to shaft
  • Shaft to shaft with increase shaft engagement

PM series

Poona PM series is best suited for pump drives being driven by electric motors and controlled by Variable Speed Drives where torsional resonance occurs. Drive Systems regularly sees coupling failure due to this very reason.

PM couplings with rubber blocks in compression generally have a lower torsional stiffness than steel coupling and provide additional damping. PM series couplings in compression are commonly used on larger VFD motor/pump drives systems.

PM series couplings utilise a wedge shape, 60 Shore hardness (SM60) rubber block element in compression. Depending on Torsional Vibration Analysis of the drive, various rubber durometer (SM70, SM80) hardness are available to ensure correct coupling setup.

Ensuring the right coupling for the application is critical to maximising the pump set life. Too often we see couplings purely selected on price.

RB and PM features and benefits


  • Intrinsically fail safe
  • Rubber elements loaded in compression
  • Control of resonant torsional vibration
  • Maintenance free
  • Severe shock load protection
  • Accommodation of misalignment
  • Zero backlash


  • Provide protection and avoids failure of the driveline under high transient torque
  • Ensures continuous operation of the driveline in the unlikely event of rubber block damage
  • Achieves low vibratory loads in the driveline components by selection of optimum stiffness characteristic
  • No lubrication or adjustment required resulting in low running cost
  • Allows axial and radial misalignment
  • Eliminate torque amplification through precompression of the rubber element blocks

This partner content is brought to you by Drive Systems. The latest Poona Coupling catalogue can be downloaded from the Drive Systems website at

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