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The food and beverage industry is in the middle of a transformation, propelled by a need for more sustainable, efficient, and digital manufacturing. The team at Grundfos are guiding this transition with intelligent solutions tailored to meet these goals.

The Grundfos team partners with dairies, soft drinks manufacturers, breweries, and food processing facilities to optimise performance and drive towards more sustainable, efficient, and smarter food and beverage production – without compromising the safety and quality that our world relies on.

Temperature control

Ensuring the right temperature in industrial production can be critical to food safety. However, cooling and boiler processes are often operated inefficiently. Intelligent pump solutions – such as Grundfos iSOLUTIONS – enable manufacturers to take full control of their production and manage highly efficient and reliable food and beverage processes.

Featuring built-in pump functionalities, including variable frequency drive motors and sensors, these complete and intelligent solutions shape an optimal environment, which significantly improves operational equipment efficiency and helps achieve greater savings.

Industrial water treatment

Water plays a crucial role across the entire manufacturing process – from maintaining a reliable water supply for food and beverage production and enabling critical supporting processes, to ensuring the safe discharge or reuse of process water in compliance with today’s regulations.

To guarantee that high-quality water is being used for each purpose, Grundfos offers integrated intelligent solutions that help manufacturers optimise the entire water treatment cycle. From intake and distribution to handling of wastewater, these solutions enable more reliable, resource-efficient, and safer operations.

Industrial processes

Keeping processes clean is crucial for maintaining food safety and hygienic conditions in the production environment. To achieve this, manufacturers are turning to intelligent wash and clean solutions – such as Grundfos iSOLUTIONS. These reliable compact pump solutions are not only built to withstand complex liquid compositions and extreme temperatures, but also help monitor and optimise operational performance while reducing energy, water, and the use of chemicals.

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