ABB has launched a new, highly efficient drive package for low-speed vertical pumping applications with high power requirements.

ABB’s new drive package, the Dodge® Vertical Gearmotor, is built on a standard low pole count motor platform, utilising proven, highly efficient Dodge® planetary gear technology.

The Vertical Gearmotor offers significant benefits, especially compared with common pump drive technologies that utilise large pole count motors, which can be large, expensive, and often result in a drastic reduction in efficiency and power factor.

“Lower pole count induction motors offer higher efficiency ratings and power factor versus high pole count induction motors,” says Mike Myers, ABB Global Business Manager for Dodge® specialty and large gearing. “A higher power factor equates to more efficient use
of electrical power and less reactive power drawn by the system. Not only
are lower pole count motors more readily available, they also offer a significant cost saving opportunity
over high pole count motors.”

Utilising the reducer to accommodate thrust load is also more cost effective than designing this functionality into the motor. The smaller footprint and light-weight design of the Dodge® Vertical Gearmotor in comparison to traditional pump drive systems also translates into further cost savings due to the reduced support structure and corresponding facility costs.

Beyond cost savings, the Vertical Gearmotor also provides maximum pump performance. By using the specific gear reduction ratio required for a specific application, optimised pump speeds can be attained.

“Being able to provide the exact output speed means you can lower vibration levels, decrease radial and axial loads, and create optimal discharge pressure,” said Mr Myers. “This efficient design also results in improved reliability and reduced maintenance.”


The Dodge® Vertical Gearmotor is ideal for a wide range of pumping applications, including pumping stations for flood control and wastewater, circulating water in power plants, desalination plants, irrigation systems, and pumping systems for residential and commercial water supplies.

The product is available in six sizes, for vertical pump speed from approximately 100-500RPM, and torque ratings from 62,000-790,000Nm, and approximate power ratings from 600-22,000kW, depending on system output speeds.

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