An extension of Caprari’s reputable Endurance range of borehole pumps, the E10PX Endurance series is the culmination of decades of international installation experience and is unparalleled in terms of hydraulic performance.

The sizing of components and selection of high-quality materials make the E10PX Endurance pumps unique in terms of their durability, efficiency and flexibility of application, with the precision-cast stainless steel design able to withstand harsh environmental conditions — including aggressive waters.

The shaft and coupling of the E10PX are made from Duplex for maximum reliability, and the pump-motor coupling area is fitted with DEFENDER® to provide additional protection against abrasion. From the beginning of installation, DEFENDER® protects the entire pumpset from electrochemical corrosion and galvanic currents by passivating the external stainless steel components.

An innovative design
The E10PX Endurance electric pumps have an innovative hydraulic design that allows them to operate at high flow rates with a smaller external diameter. They have an operating range covering duties normally met by 12” (or larger) pumps and deliver a high head per stage, making it a more compact pump for comparable hydraulic needs.

The pump design also means there is no need for special tools, making maintenance and servicing quick and easy. The E10PX Endurance 10” borehole range can be used in a wide variety of applications, including captation from deep wells, RO, artificial snow making and other civil and industrial uses.

The Caprari E10PX Endurance — offering peace of mind, durability, efficiency and value.

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