Ebara Pumps Australia has introduced energy saving pumps – K series equipped with a new variable frequency drive E-SPD+ (plus) to the Australian market. This new product allows users to save on energy costs with optimised operations according to the system’s requirements and contribute to a sustainable society.

With rising energy costs and concerns about climate change, energy efficiency and environmental conservation have become increasingly significant topics in the world.

Pumps are everywhere and sustain our lives and industries by means of supplying water and other mediums. Surprisingly, pumps account for over ten per cent of the world’s energy consumption. Due to this, the Ebara Group aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

Thus, Ebara Pumps Australia has introduced a new variable frequency drive E-SPD+ (plus) to provide energy-saving solutions to the pump market.

The E-SPD+ (plus) is mounted on the terminal board of electric motors from 2.2kW up to 11kW, and can be used with horizontal and vertical Ebara centrifugal pumps. It’s capable of varying the speed of pumps continuously and operating on any duty points, consequently optimising performances and energy consumption according to the system’s requirements.

The model ranges of E-SPD+ (plus) are as follows:

  • E-SPD+2200MT: 230V single phase input/three phase output with up to 2.2kW nominal power
  • E-SPD+4000TT: 400V three phase pumps input/three phase output with up to 4kW nominal power
  • E-SPD+11000TT: 400V three phase pumps input/three phase output with up to 11kW nominal power

The special features of the new solutions are:

  • Innovative LCD display for viewing and changing operating parameters and for keeping track of the history of the key parameters, faults and alarms. Its cover can be rotated 180° for easier reading
  • System protection against over currents, input voltage fluctuations, dry running and losses in the system
  • Easy installation and programming thanks to the highly-intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Connectivity is provided by four configurable digital inputs, two ports for configurable digital outputs, two ports for analogue 4-20mA inputs, one port for 0-10V input, and one port for motor thermistor PTC input
  • Two RS485 ports for communication and parallel operation of up to eight pumps
  • Connecting to monitoring systems with ModBus connection

Finally, E-SPD+ (plus) is available as energy saving pumps K series vertical multi-stage inline pumps EVMS-K, horizontal multi-stage electric pumps MATRIX-K and self-priming pumps JEX-K. K series enables it to be applied to different types of systems and used invarious applications.

Pump control systems:

  • Fixed speed
  • Constant pressure for pressure boosting systems
  • Differential pressure for circulation systems


  • Water supply
  • Pressure boosting
  • Irrigation systems
  • Filtration and reverse osmosis
  • Industrial cooling or heating systems
  • Fountains

Thanks to the cutting edge technology of E-SPD+ (plus) and a new variety of energy saving pumps, K series enables Ebara to move toward reaching carbon neutrality goals to contribute to a sustainable society.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Ebara Pumps.

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