It is widely known that priming a dewatering pump is crucial, both for its ability to meet the intended application and to reduce unplanned maintenance. Failure to do so can result in mechanical seal leakage and significant damage to the pump’s components.

AllightSykes’ compressor priming system allows customers to dry prime their pump without the need to manually fill the suction line or use a wet prime tank.

The compressor prime design employs compressed air which is passed through a Venturi Jet and nozzle that evacuates air from the suction and pump, creating a vacuum and allowing atmospheric pressure to force water into the pump.

This allows the pump to  automatically prime and reprime without the need to manually fill the pump with water. As any pump specialist knows, once the pump has been primed, the nozzle constantly spits out a small amount of the pumped fluid.

This discharge from the priming system is usually discharged to the ground and the surrounding environment. AllightSykes’ new Anti-Spit technology mounts on top of the pump’s priming tee and prevents water discharging out the nozzle once the pump is primed.

This allows the pump to be used on environmentally-sensitive applications such as sewage bypass, contaminated water and harsh chemicals without the need to run a hose from the nozzle discharge back to the sump.

The Anti-Spit system not only creates a more efficient pump, but also addresses the market’s need to be more environmentally conscious. With environmental responsibility in mind, AllightSykes’ Anti-Spit technology has come to fruition.

Through innovative design, the Anti-Spit technology can now be retrofitted to any of AllightSykes’ existing products.

This Sponsored Editorial is brought to you by AllightSykes. For more information, contact AllightSykes at, [email protected] or 1300 255 444.

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