An Australian cane grower has found a solution to eliminate snaking and puncture tears in irrigation hoses, making the process of irrigating his crops faster and easier.

Norman Anderson, a cane grower in Queensland’s Childers region, operates 21 travelling irrigators and four centre pivots as part of his business.

Mr Anderson often faces tough farming conditions which means finding an irrigation hose that can withstand extreme weather and possible punctures, without being too bulky, is a difficult task.

However, advancements in technology and products have allowed Mr Anderson to find an irrigation hose that has minimum pressure loss and maximum hydraulic efficiency.

“Technology keeps bringing on improvements with machinery, use of machinery and reductions in labour. Even hoses for the travelling irrigators are so much better,” Mr Anderson said.

“We’ve been trialling Angus’ latest hose, Flowmaster, and their advanced manufacturing technique has more or less eliminated the old problems of snaking, wearing and puncturing we have associated with hoses.

“Overall, it is working smarter, not harder or longer. Easy to say, many don’t do it.”

Angus Flexible Pipelines’ irrigation hose, Flowmaster, is a flexible layflat drag hose for all types of irrigation applications that boasts a long service life, easy deployment and retrieval, and a 10-year warranty.

angus-flowmaster-advert-and-story-3One of the main difficulties irrigators like Mr Anderson find with hoses is the balance between durability and ease of use. Often, tough long-lasting hoses are either not practical to use or don’t coil back easily.

The Flowmaster irrigation hose comprises a circular woven high-tenacity polyester reinforcement covered in a tough elastomeric polyurethane cover and lining, designed to fit a wide range of coupling types.

The polyurethane cover is resistant to abrasion, cutting, ozone, UV, weathering and microbiological attack, allowing it to last for a long period of time with minimal maintenance.

While its construction makes it durable, the Flowmaster is also steamed to size which minimises snaking and ensures the hose coils back easily.

The Flowmaster has a maximum swell of only six per cent which maintains pressure and eliminates hose contraction, and its ‘fine weave’ one-piece construction maximises reeler capacity.

The Flowmaster is available in standard lengths of 200m, and up to 400m, and is suitable for both travelling irrigators and linear irrigation systems.

Mr Anderson has been trialling Angus Flexible Pipelines’ irrigation hoses for six years and says he finds it lightweight, easy to deploy continuous lengths without the hose twisting, and that it fits well on a standard reel.

“This latest hose is the one. I’ve trialled and tested it for over six years and bought several more. No leaks, and a generous 10-year warranty,” Mr Anderson said.

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