Gorman-Rupp and Hydro Innovations have designed a series of pump bases that have been specifically engineered for Gorman-Rupp self priming pumps.

Called PMB bases, they have been designed using finite analysis software to provide the strength and stability required, while reducing assembly costs and allowing flexibility in configuration.

The series has three sizes, which can accommodate 1½ ‘pumps right through to 10’ pumps with 75kW motors.

Each size can accommodate two to three series of pumps, and two to three sizes of pumps. For example, the largest size can accommodate Gorman-Rupp’s T6,T8, T10, U6 and V6 pumps.

The bases come standard in hot dipped galvanised material, but can be supplied in 316 grade stainless steel as well.

Pumps can be supplied as direct drive, vee-belt ‘side-by-side’, or vee-belt over-mount, giving asset owners a great deal of flexibility in layout footprint.

Gorman-Rupp pumps are individually tailored and packaged onto PMB bases with the valves and gauge systems each customer requires.

A CAD drawing is done of each and every pump-set built by Hydro Innovations to ensure each package meets with client expectations.

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