On 8 March 2023, the PIA held its first Breakfast Meeting of 2023, with Cummins South Pacific hosting the event at its head office in Scoresby, Melbourne. Over 20 people attended, hearing presentations from Cummins about its Australian branch and support network, as well as its main product groups in Australia and their applications and ratings.

James Blannin, PIA Vice President and Director De.mem – Stevco, opened the meeting, talking about the PIA Council members for 2023 and providing attendees with an overview of the PIA AGM held in November 2022.

He also provided an update on ongoing discussions with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) about who can complete works being undertaken that are covered by the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.

Attendees were also reminded about the current version of the Pipe Friction Handbook and the newly updated Pump Technical Handbook, which are available with custom covers and can be ordered online.

Following the opening presentation, attendees heard from Michael Hicking, Manager – Construction and Agriculture Business for Cummins Asia Pacific. Mr Hicking spoke about Cummins’ global manufacturing and distribution footprint as well as its five operating segments: engines, power systems, components, distribution and new power.

The key takeaway for attendees was that Cummins is looking ahead to keep up with changes happening in its industries and regions so that it can bring customers the right technology at the right time. In particular, there is a focus on innovating and investing in helping customers, and the world, on the path to net zero emissions.

Then Vince Sessano – Victorian Sales Rep for Cummins, spoke about the three main product groups in Australia – the CustomPak, ComPak and FirePak – and outlined their applications and ratings. Following the presentations, attendees were given a tour of part of the Cummins South Pacific facility by Dwayne Brito – Project Manager Off Highway, and had the opportunity to further mingle with others to discuss all things pump related.

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