Wannon Water is seeking expressions of interest for the supply of on-property pressure sewer pumping units for Dutton way scheme in Portland.

This Expression of Interest will include the supply of the following components and services for the pumping units.

  • Storage tank and lid
  • Pumps and associated valves and fittings
  • Control panel and associated electrical accessories
  • Level switch
  • Spare parts
  • Support services and training for Wannon Water employees and customers.

The approximate potential number of On-Property Pumping Units required for the Dutton Way Sewer Scheme is 318. Note that this 318 is an estimate only and are subject to individual property owners electing to purchase the preferred On-Property Pumping Unit.
Tender enquiries should be directed to:
Mr Simon Hermans
Wannon Water
25 Gate Way Road
Melbourne Vic 3280
(03) 5565-6631
Expression of Interests can be downloaded for free from Wannon Water’s tender site.

or to obtain a hard copy of the tender documents contact Jacinta at Wannon Water on (03) 5565-6742, a non-refundable deposit will apply.
Expression of Interest in sealed envelopes clearly marked- “Expression of Interest – Supply of On-property Pressure Sewer Pumping Units for Dutton Way’ should be lodged in the Tender Box at Wannon Water’s Office, 25 Gateway Road, Warrnambool, VIC 3280, prior to 4.00pm on Wednesday 28 November 2012. Alternatively, tenders may be lodged by the due date by electronic upload into the designated online tender box.


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