Neumann Contractors are continuing to dredge tailings on the Ernest Henry project for Xstrata.

The 300mm CSD Nu Compact dredge has been commissioned by Ernest Henry Mining to remine tailings from the Tailings Storage Facility to recover magnetite. Nu Compact pumps the reclaimed tailings via a 1000 metre long HDPE pipeline directly into a process circuit in which the magnetite is concentrated.

The dredge is fitted with an RTK navigation system to ensure the mining plan is followed accurately. Flow and density meters are fitted to the slurry line to help ensure a steady tonnage is pumped into the magnetite circuit. In addition, slurry density control plates are fitted to the suction pipe to assist density control.

Ernest Henry Mining (EHM) is a copper, gold and magnetite mining and processing operation located 38 kilometres north east of Cloncurry in north west Queensland, Australia.

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