The Water Corporation will expand its ten-year pressure management program to include Erskine and parts of Falcon in WA.

WA Water Minister Mia Davies said the next stage of the program, which aimed to prevent leaks and pipe breaks, was expected to help save more than ten billion litres of water each year once completed.

“Pressure management works by reducing high water pressure in pipes and is proven to lower water use,” Ms Davies said.

“The Liberal National Government is supportive of the program and we are already saving about 260 million litres of water each year in Rossmoyne, Shelley, Waterford and Beckenham, where pressure management has been introduced.”

Ms Davies said suburbs were prioritised by the corporation based on existing water pressure, the historical frequency of leaks and breaks in the pipe network, as well as overall water use.

All pressure managed areas are designed to deliver a water pressure of more than 35m head at all times, which is more than double the required minimum standard of 15m head.

Erskine and Falcon have higher than average water pressure, in the range of 51 to 53m head, with pressure changing depending on the time of day and peak demand periods.

The corporation will gradually reduce water pressure in stages starting early next year.

Ms Davies said a community liaison team would work closely with residents and businesses which were part of the program to keep them informed before any pressure reductions took place.

The Water Corporation introduced the pressure management program in Beckenham in 2014 following a successful trial in Rossmoyne, Shelley and Waterford between 2008 and 2010.

The area in Falcon selected for pressure management is south of Old Coast Road, bordering Erskine.

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