Over time, pumps and associated components are subject to wear, corrosion and cavitation damage in service, resulting in downtime, reduced efficiency and service life, increased costs, and in some applications, safety hazards. As this deterioration occurs on the surfaces of the components, having a high-quality protective coating installed by an experienced company can preserve assets, extend their service life, and improve safety.

A high-quality protective coating

The Belzona Polymeric range of metal, rubber and concrete repair and protection materials – distributed in Australia solely by Rezitech – allow the rebuilding and protection of damaged machinery and equipment, ensuring they will stand up to chemical attack, constant immersion in liquids and other industrial environments.

The Belzona range reduces labour time and costs by eliminating the need for disassembly, welding, and post-weld heat treatment; decreases costs by increasing asset availability; and enhances safety by allowing in-situ cold work with solvent-free materials.

Belzona fixes common problems associated with industrial equipment by:

• Extending service life and delaying replacement – the products provide a superior layer of protection for damaged equipment

• Simplifying maintenance procedures and reducing costs – the polymers are resistant to abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, corrosion, and are relatively easier to clean than bare surfaces

• Improving operational efficiency – polymer surfaces are easier to work on compared to bare surfaces, resulting in less to worry about during operations

• Minimising downtime – damaged industrial equipment can disrupt operations. Polymeric solutions minimise downtime and don’t get in the way of production

Belzona protective coatings feature:

• WRAS approval
AS/NZS 4020 approval for drinking water use
• High adhesion
• Low surface tension
• High mechanical strength
• No shrinkage
• Electrical insulator
• Smooth surface
• Long working life
• Chemical and impact resistance
• Safe for constant immersion
• Safe for cold application
• Environmentally friendly

Belzona in action

19 years in service and going strong

In 2010, a major Australian water utility was undertaking scheduled routine maintenance on a pump and was extremely happy to find that the Belzona coatings that had been applied 19 years previous were still intact and evident, and there was no additional repair or coating of the internal casing/cover required.

Furthermore, an independent test by the water authority confirmed efficiency gains in flow capacity were accomplished between 4-7 per cent.

Extending the life of cyclone cones

In 2012, Belzona was installed on cones in a cyclone wash infiltration plant in a limestone quarry in England. As the cones were suffering heavy levels of abrasion, the mean time between failure was unacceptable, with unprotected clones failing within one month and rubber-coated cones only lasting for six months.

The downtime and replacement costs were costly for the client. Belzona was used for a trial application to increase the working life of the cones, and resulted in the cones lasting 18 months – a lifespan increase of 12 months.

As well as reducing the cost of replacement, the largest cost saving for the plant was the reduced downtime. After the successful trial, Belzona was made the standard solution for all abrasion areas within the plant.

Your trusted and experienced Australian distributor for Belzona

Rezitech is an 100 per cent Australian-owned company and the sole distributor of Belzona in Australia. It has been involved with major plant upgrades and expansions projects for many major companies servicing a wide range of industries.

Its team of experienced industry professionals are able to diagnose a problem and recommend a solution, as well as apply Belzona coatings either on-site or at its dedicated workshop.

Rezitech can also provide on-site supervision, NACE qualified coating inspectors, and in-plant seminars and on-site training. Rezitech combines the wide range of Belzona materials with its application expertise to provide high-quality, long- lasting repairs for all types of equipment and structures.

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