Water is our planet’s most precious resource. Every living being relies on unsullied water to drink, bringing great responsibility to those tasked with potable water supply.

Water infrastructure: the challenges

In Australia, strict standards exist to ensure that drinking water is of an acceptable standard. Assets such as pumps, valves, pipes and fittings are typically used 24/7 and often in field-based locations. Ensuring their longevity is crucial, but this comes with many challenges.

Issues including damage from abrasion, erosion, corrosion or impacts can be problematic to treat without dismantling and relocating to a shop where application can occur. The practicalities of doing so, and the all-too-common scenario of extended lead times, often make this an almost unworkable solution.

The way around this is to carry out repairs and routine maintenance in the field. However, historically this has been fraught with problems. The lack of an easy-to-apply solution that meets all legal requirements for potable water assets has led to a culture of water waste via leaks. Not only is this expensive, it also presents a risk to the quality of the water and the lifespan of the asset itself.

The solution: ARC industrial coatings

Both emergency repairs and proactive field maintenance can be effectively carried out with the use of technologically advanced ARC industrial coatings.

Engineered to be simple to use and strictly complying with NSF 61 standards, potable water asset damage can now be easily addressed in situ. Cracks and holes, which are one of the biggest causes of leaks within the industrial water industry, can effectively be treated with ARC 5ES, an NSF 61 certified epoxy putty repair product that’s simple to apply in the field. 

The compound has been designed to:

  • Effectively and easily patch and seal leaks up to 3mm in diameter
  • Be easy to apply – simply knead the putty together and press it onto the surface
  • Will cure underwater and on damp or wet surfaces
  • Meets the strict requirements of NSF 61 for cold water service

ARC 5ES is suitable for emergency repairs from damage caused by:

  • Erosion and corrosion
  • Abrasion
  • Impact
  • Worn areas

It also can be used to:

  • Fill holes and cracks
  • Provide an abrasion-resistant surface

The advantages of ARC coatings are not limited to emergency repairs. Another coating, the ARC S1PW, is a reinforced thin film coating that effectively protects structures against chemical attack, corrosion and erosion. Not only can it be used when factory coatings need to be replaced, but it can be used proactively to extend the lifespan of assets.

One advantage of ARC coatings is how easy they are to apply. This can be with a brush, roller or spray. They can be used both internally and externally on potable water-grade assets and can be applied in the field, saving time and the expense of shipping off-site for repair.

The benefits of these 100 per cent solids reinforced thin film coatings include:

  • They are NSF 61 certified as a protective barrier layer for the internals of pumps, valves and fitting where potable water exists
  • They can be used on the internals of pipes with a diameter greater than 152mm (six inches) due to internal access issues of smaller pipes
  • Provides a tough layer that increases asset longevity and provides predictable maintenance

The use of ARC coatings provides heightened protection against erosion and leads to increased pump efficiency by reducing the restrictions involved with water flow through a pump.

Thanks to meeting the requirements outlined in the Australian Standards AS4020, the use of ARC protective coatings brings increased longevity to potable water assets and ensures the integrity of water quality. 

ARC products are suitable for use on all water system components, including:

  • Mechanical devices such as filters, valves and water meters
  • Plumbing devices such as drinking fountains and taps
  • Joining and sealing materials such as gaskets and adhesives
  • Pipes and related items
  • Protective barrier materials

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