The Western Australian State Government is seeking community feedback on a potential new irrigation scheme in the Warren-Donnelly region.

The scheme is part of the $3.6million Water for Food Southern Forests project and plans to connect existing and new farm dams across the region, which will share costs and redistribute unused water.

The Water for Food project targets an extra 12 gigalitres a year of sustainable irrigation water to meet expansion plans of the Warren-Donnelly irrigation district.

Ms Davies said, “The proposed scheme will enable water to be bought and sold on an as-needs basis and facilitate both the expansion of existing agriculture and horticulture and the development of new industries,

“A number of community briefing sessions will be held over the next few weeks and early next year, with interested farmers and investors invited to submit letters of intent to take part in the scheme.”

Regional Development Minister, Terry Redman, said the Water for Food program was opening up new opportunities for Western Australia’s agricultural sector.

“Water for Food will bring significant long-term benefits to regional communities and contribute to the economic strength of Western Australia. It is vital that we invest in such strategic initiatives to build growth and sustainability in our regions,” Mr Redman said.

“I am pleased to see Royalties for Regions continuing to support a better quality of life in regional WA, enabling regions to thrive and contribute to strong economies.”

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