Central Coast Council is seeking community consultation on its Central Coast Integrated Water Resource Plan, which is currently in development.

Council’s Director Water and Sewer, Jamie Loader, said that due to the ongoing expansion and population growth of the Central Coast, the demand for water is also growing. 

“Our current infrastructure on the Coast can only supply us with a limited amount of water, so we need to address ways to grow our supply, to meet our future demand levels,” Mr Loader said. 

“We are investigating and considering nine different supply and demand option types, from dams and desalination through to turning our wastewater into safe and clean drinking water.

“We have assessed these nine options across a range of key criteria, and through this process, we have developed five preliminary ‘portfolios’ – or groups of options – designed to meet our water needs into the future. 

“Community feedback on these preliminary portfolios will be used to refine the portfolios for further analysis, so we encourage everyone to jump online and participate in our survey and tell us which portfolios you support.”

Once finalised, these portfolios will become a key component of the Integrated Water Resource Plan.

Residents can fill out the survey by visiting

The survey closes on 2 May 2021.

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