Southern Pumping filter housing

A filter housing serves as the frontline defence against contaminants, safeguarding downstream users and equipment. Choosing the wrong one can lead to performance issues, increased maintenance costs and potential system failures.

That’s where Maxaflex Filter Housing Kits come in – a first-class solution designed to set a new standard in filter housing flexibility.

Flexible connectivity for diverse systems

Maxaflex Filter Housing Kits redefine flexibility by seamlessly connecting into a wide array of pumping systems. The range is multipurpose and interchangeable with other filter systems. Whether operating an agriculture site, a water treatment plant, an industrial facility or a residential water supply system, Maxaflex adapts effortlessly to specific requirements.

Low-cost, high-quality assurance

Say goodbye to the trade-off between cost and quality.

Maxaflex offers a budget-friendly option without compromising on excellence. Backed by Global Water Solutions (GWS) and Southern Pumping – Australian specialists in pumping since 1974 – Maxaflex Filter Housing Kits provide a reliable and affordable solution.

Certified safety and easy installation

Safety is paramount and Maxaflex reinforces this by being certified to Australian and International standards – WaterMark AS/NZS 4020 and ANSI/NSF 42.

Installing Maxaflex Filter Housing Kits is a breeze with complete, ready-to-install kits saving time and effort in the setup process.

Extended lifespan with free grooved filter cartridge

Maxaflex goes the extra mile by including a free grooved filter cartridge in each housing.

Boasting 80 per cent more surface area than standard filter elements, this cartridge ensures a longer lifespan, minimising pressure and flow rate drops over time. It’s a cost-effective solution that enhances the overall efficiency of your pumping system.

Experience a new standard in water filtration with Maxaflex, designed for optimal efficiency, durability and versatility.

Upgrade to the Maxaflex Water Filter Housing Kits and elevate your water filtration experience.

Maxaflex Filter Housing Kits – the new standard in filter housing flexibility

Flexible – connects into more systems and suits multiple filter cartridge types
Economical – competitive pricing without compromising on quality
Safe – certified to Australian standards AS/NZS 4020
Easy – complete kits ready to install
Trusted – backed by GWS and Southern Pumping, Australian specialists in pumping since 1974
Multiple sizes – available in single and dual housings across three size options
Free grooved filter cartridge included per housing – 80 per cent more surface area than standard filter elements, giving longer lifespan, less pressure drop and less flow rate drop over time

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This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Southern Pumping.

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