Gorgan-train 1

Chevron Australia Pty Ltd has announced a significant milestone with the arrival of the final train 1 module for the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island, off Western Australia’s Pilbara coast.

The module is Gorgon’s heaviest, weighing some 6,300 tonnes – equal to the weight of more than 2,500 average sized cars. It measures 55 metres long by 46 metres wide and is 45 metres high.

The arrival on Barrow Island completes the delivery of 21 modules required for the Project’s first natural gas processing train.

Chevron Australia managing director Roy Krzywosinski said: “The arrival of the final train 1 module marks a key milestone in the development of the largest single resource development in Australia’s history.”

“This milestone is the culmination of an incredible effort by many people committed to safely delivering the Gorgon Project.”

“Gorgon will be a long-term supplier of cleaner burning natural gas to Asia Pacific and Australian markets, delivering energy security for the region and significant long-term benefits for Australia,” said Melody Meyer, president of Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration and Production Company.

The milestone follows the recent landing of the first CO2 compressor and domestic gas modules. The CO2 compressor is an important component of Gorgon’s Carbon Dioxide Injection Project – the largest of its kind and designed to position Gorgon as one of the most greenhouse efficient natural gas developments globally.

The domestic gas module will condition and raise the pressure of the natural gas to a suitable level to be transported through the Project’s 90 kilometre pipeline from Barrow Island to the mainland.

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