Unitywater will be testing water flow and pressure at 145 fire hydrants around Redcliffe, QLD, throughout the coming weeks.

Unitywater Executive Manager for Infrastructure Planning and Capital Delivery, Simon Taylor said Unitywater is testing the network to identify those fire hydrants that need replacing.

“We test fire hydrants to ensure that emergency services personnel have sufficient water pressure and flow rates for fire fighting. Any identified replacements will be carried out as part of our maintenance program in the next financial year,” he said.

Crews will be tapping fire hydrants and flushing water into the gutters and stormwater system.

This work may result in customers receiving discoloured water for a short period. If this occurs, please turn on the tap nearest to the ground level (usually an outside tap) and let it run for up to five minutes until water runs clear. This costs less than 25 cents and on average uses less than 125 litres of water.

You can capture this water in a bucket and then reuse it in your garden. If water remains discoloured please contact Unitywater.

Mr Taylor thanked the community for their understanding as this important planned work was carried out to ensure certainty and quality of their water supply.

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