Cowra Council has started receiving a delivery of 26km of pipe that will connect the Billimari bore fields to the Lachlan River Pump Station in NSW.

After ongoing rain delays, 26km of 365mm pipe has started arriving at Jumbuck Lane in Billimari, delivered by 100 truckloads. 

The project will create a 26km long pipeline to pump water in times of drought from the Billimari bore fields to the Lachlan River Pump Station at Cowra, which will then be pumped into the town’s water treatment plant via existing pipelines.

The new pipeline will enable Cowra to have an alternative water source should storage levels in Wyangala Dam and the Lachlan River become low in times of drought.

Contractors have been on-site constructing the 200kL concrete reservoir tank, and the next step will be the construction of the pump station building.

The lead contractor for the project is local business Thompsons Irrifab, with funding delivered as part of the NSW Government’s long-term infrastructure project, Cowra Drought Water Security.

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