The Yenda Stage 1 Drainage Works, which aimed to alleviate some of the localised flooding experienced from stormwater in the area, have been completed under the direction of the Griffith City Council.

The $167k project included cleaning out and improving flows along the existing Railway Parade drainage channel, constructing new stormwater inlet puts and pipes and improving the existing drainage system.

Griffith Mayor, Councillor John Dal Broi said Council is dedicated to working with the Yenda community to reduce the risk of future flooding.

“The issues at Yenda are extensive and Council has spent a lot of time working with the community to work out what issues we can fix in the short, medium and long term,” he said.

“The recent works will assist in removing water from moderate rainfall away from the village. During the investigations, we found that the water simply was unable to drain freely and easily away from the village – these and future works will ensure that water can drain effectively and reduce the risk.”

The next stage of the project has commenced and is expected to be completed by the end of the year. These consist of a new stormwater pump station at the end of North Avenue with a pressure rising main connecting to the Railway Parade drainage channel.

New stormwater pipes and inlet pits will be constructed along the first half of North Avenue to provide a direct connection into the stormwater pump station.

“Council has dedicated a further $314k for these works to assist with the minor stormwater problems in the Yenda CBD,” said Councillor Dal Broi.

“The unprecedented rain event experienced across the region in 2012 is still fresh in the mind of residents – Council have been looking at ways of reducing the risk of this happening again which has included working with Murrumbidgee Irrigation to restore the EMR. I am pleased that these works have been undertaken and we can continue to look for solutions to the problems experienced in Yenda.”

Further information about the project can be obtained from the Griffith City Council website:

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