FITT Resources is now the sole Australian distributor for Liberty Pumps, adding to the range of premium quality mechanical engineering products that it supplies across Australia.

This new partnership means that FITT Resources is now able to provide the full range of Liberty wastewater pumps — including sump pumps, effluent pumps, solids handling and sewage pumps, along with grinder pumps — to the Australian market.

US-based Liberty Pumps is known worldwide for producing high quality sump, sewage, and effluent pumps for the domestic and semi-industrial waste water industries, and for almost fifty years it has been manufacturing pumping products for ground water and waste water removal in residential and commercial applications.

“This new agreement is further confirmation of our position as Australia’s leading distributor of high quality water pumps,” said Jason Lynch, Director at FITT Resources. “Liberty Pumps is an internationally recognised company renowned for its technologically superior, high performance products, and so we’re delighted to be the sole supplier of their full range of waste water and sewage pumps to the Australian engineering and construction industries.”

FITT Resources can now provide Liberty submersible sump pumps, back-up sump pumps, high temp sump pumps, and sumpbox systems, along with high head, mid-range head, and low head effluent pumps. In addition, they also supply complete pressurised waste pumping systems.

Liberty Pumps is also highly regarded for its macerating toilet systems, including the Ascent-II series, as well as its sewage pump systems, such as the Liberty 1100-Series Duplex Sewage System, and the LSG200-Series Omnivore range of grinders. The new distribution partnership between FITT Resources and Liberty Pumps means that all of these top quality waste water and effluent pumping systems can now be obtained in Australia.

Jason Lynch added, “Liberty Pumps is known for its focus on innovative design and its wide range of products, and so our appointment as its sole Australian distributor means that we can now offer an even greater variety of engineering service solutions to the construction and engineering industries.”

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