FITT Resources, a nationwide distributor of premium quality mechanical engineering products, has announced a new partnership with Grindex, an industry leader in the development and manufacture of electrical submersible pump technology. This collaboration marks a significant addition to FITT’s portfolio of premium quality, internationally recognised pumps, instrumentation, composites, filtration, and sealing devices.

“Grindex pumps are renowned for their extraordinary reliability, durability and dependability,” said Jason Lynch, Director at FITT Resources, “and so are ideal for use in demanding Australian conditions, whether it be in construction, mining, tunnelling, quarries, de-watering, or heavy industry. We’re delighted to be associated with such a renowned and well-established manufacturer, and that we can now supply the Australian manufacturing, construction and mining industries with Grindex’s outstanding range of pump technology.”

Founded in 1940 in Stockholm, Grindex has forged a worldwide reputation for developing and manufacturing submersible pump technology for demanding applications, and Grindex pumps can now be found being used for drainage, sludge and slurry work in all manner of challenging environments in over 100 countries.

As sole Australian distributor, FITT Resources is now able to supply Australian mining, construction and manufacturing companies with the full range of Grindex submersible pumps that are especially designed for use in a wide range of demanding industries, including drainage pumps, sludge pumps, slurry pumps, and stainless steel pumps.

“We’re extremely pleased to have forged this partnership with Grindex to become their Australian distributors, and we see this as further recognition of our leading position in the industry,” said Jason Lynch.

“We’re proud to be a central part of Grindex’s extensive global network of sales and service centres, and we look forward to our continued association with this undisputed industry leader.”

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