Dewatering is a crucial part of the mining process, and its efficient management leads to major savings.image004Mines around the world save time, money and trouble by using Wellmaster flexible hose systems. Layflat hoses are especially recommended for mining activity where the surface equipment and pumps are constantly being moved.

Wellmaster is the industry standard flexible rising main designed for use with electric submersible pumps in all types of groundwater borehole extraction and well monitoring operations. Over the past 30 years, the Wellmaster system has proven its performance in more than 70,000 installations worldwide.

Instead of having to transport, handle and install steel pipe sections, the compact and lightweight Wellmaster flexible system, supplied in coiled layflat form, makes minimal demands on transport and handling resources.

Pump removal for maintenance or repair is a quick and easy operation and can generally be achieved in hours, significantly reducing out of service hours for the well.

Wellmaster is not only easy to use and store, but it is also highly resistant to all forms of microbiological attack, which deter internal scaling.

As a result, Wellmaster is totally corrosion resistant. This means riser performance is unchanged throughout the life of the installation.

With its built-in flexibility, Wellmaster swells under pressure, minimising friction-head loss and creating superior hydraulics, resulting in reduced power consumption and improved riser efficiency.

Installing Wellmaster is simple. The most common methods for installing Wellmaster are either using a crane, specialist trailer, or vehicle. Crane installations are preferred where the space surrounding the borehole is restricted, as the hose can be held vertically above the opening.

Where overhead hazards may preclude the use of a crane, a special trailer might be preferred, as installation and retrieval can be completed without the need to suspend the hose. In remote locations, a simple vehicle installation allows deployment to take place at ground level using the Angus wellhead roller. Installations of up to 200m in a single length can be achieved using the Wellmaster system, or 400m using Angus joiner system.

Wellmaster flexible rising main is the only flexible system to come with a software program, which enables users to validate hydraulic performance in advance of installation. By using WellCalc, miners can select the correct diameter hose for boreholes, and thereby minimise operational delays, increase efficiency and save money.

Further information on the installation and use of Wellmaster can be obtained from the Wellmaster installation manual, technical manual and WellCalc software. Installation courses are also available from Angus Flexible Pipelines, leading to certified installer status.

The effectiveness of site water management can be greatly improved by the use of flexible rising mains to accurately control surface and groundwater in order to maximise the safety of the miners, the performance of the mine, and conservation of the environment.

Known as “steel on a reel”, Wellmaster offers exceptional strength and hydraulic efficiency as well as major cost savings and performance advantages over conventional rigid polyethylene, glass fibre, galvanised and steel pipes.

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