In addition to adding 12 gigalitres of reclaimed water to the Northern Adelaide Plains, the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme (NAIS), with a combined $155.6 million in funds contributed from the State and Federal Governments, will create 3,700 jobs and add a projected $500 million per year to South Australia’s economy.

With operations at Holden’s Elizabeth motor plant ceased, the people of North Adelaide who were hit the hardest will benefit most from jobs created during the construction of NAIS. This scheme will see new water treatment facilities built to increase the production of recycled irrigation water by 60 per cent, which will be suitable for food production. The benefits, once the project is completed, will be far-reaching.

NAIS has paved a clear path to get really high value crops from the fertile Northern Adelaide Plains to overseas markets. Demand in countries such as China, Japan and Korea – where Australian produce is appreciated for its freshness and quality – has been growing.

Furthermore, some water will also be unlocked for the Barossa, where premium food and wine harvesting is one of South Australia’s economic pillars.

The water will be pumped into large storage dams from ten bores located around the Bolivar precinct, all using submersible pumps and Australian made Flexibore.

Providing a technical solution

Francois Steverlynck, the Managing Director of Crusader Hose, the manufacturers of Flexibore, said, “This is a flagship project for our company. We have worked closely with Leed Valoriza, the major contractor, to deliver a very technical solution in rapid time.”

Sam Doolette, project engineer at Leed Valoriza, was particularly impressed with the service and support he received from Crusader Hose.

“We had Francois come over from Melbourne to assist with the submersible bore pump installation,” said Mr Doolette.

“We were very pleased to see how easy the pumps could be installed using Flexibore and after completing the first one, we scheduled the rest to be installed at two per day. Final commissioning is planned for the end of September, and by ramping up, we will be able to supply consistent water flow that is completely independent of how much rain we get, or how full the Murray River is. This will provide certainty, as well as higher quality water at the same time.”

Supporting local industry

Business SA has long been proponents of supporting local industry, including Australian manufacturers.

Mr Doolette was well aware of the benefits of keeping jobs local.

“When we buy Australian made flexible risers, we not only increase local capabilities, but we also keep funds within the country. The multiplier benefit can be more than five times the benefits to local industry,” Mr Doolette said.

Flexibore was developed in Australia in 1991 in order to meet the market needs for a riser pipe that could be corrosion-free, never clog up due to iron bacteria, and also be easy to install. Through continuous improvement and innovation, Crusader Hose has grown to become the supplier of choice for mining, irrigation and government projects needing to pump groundwater.

“Australia has a clean and green image, cultivated over years of managing our resources responsibly. We also have a capable manufacturing industry, brought about by hard work and investments in education. It is wonderful when we all work smartly together to deliver projects such as NAIS as this will continue to benefit generations of Australians,” Mr Steverlynck said.

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