Australian layflat hose manufacturer Crusader Hose has an excellent working relationship with leading pump companies. When a new thermal springs and spa resort needed to install some bore pumps, they turned to Franklin Electric, who then recommended Flexibore®, the flexible riser from Crusader Hose.

Crusader Hose has been manufacturing layflat hose for over 35 years and, during that time, has forged strong relationships with leading pump companies. Combining world-class submersible pumps and innovative layflat hose is the perfect solution for efficient groundwater extraction.

A layflat hose solution for water management 

Alba Thermal Springs and Spa is being developed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria to meet the high demands of the luxury spa and wellness market. The property will offer guests the opportunity to enjoy geothermal springs in over 30 pools.

The brief for the project was clear; to establish a water system to manage the water cycle and treatment, ensuring that the full health benefits for patrons are achieved. The water infrastructure includes numerous holding tanks, pumps and pipelines.

Therapeutic natural hot spring waters from the underground source need to be extracted with reliable pumps while risers lead the water to the network of pipes. The mineral-rich clean hot water is then piped into tanks from 60-100m down, then fed into selected bathing areas.

Matt Bevil, Services Manager for Alba, has worked with these water management systems for many years and used his contacts to secure the best products for the project. His first contact was David Strang from Franklin Electric, a highly respected company that manufactures submersible pumps with corrosion-resistant and high-quality motors.

Franklin Electric has worked with Crusader Hose on other bore water pumping projects in the past and is familiar with the ease of installing Flexibore®, the flexible riser. “Flexibore® is a reliable product and can be easily installed without too much fuss, saving time and money for the end user,” said David.

Crusader Hose offering expert advice during installation

Superior construction and easy to install

Flexibore® is not only easy to use, but its superior construction enables it to handle temperatures of bore water, sometimes exceeding 80°C. For new installers, it’s always helpful to have an expert on hand for tips and guidance; Francois Steverlynck, Managing Director, was happy to accommodate.

With plenty of room to lay out the hose, two workers attended to the snaking of the electric cable and their attachment to the hose. A guernsey was used to lift and insert the pump and later the bore cap. Flexibore® accessories such as lifting clamps and an installation roller made the work relatively straightforward. A 4×4 truck was all that was needed to install the 60m Flexibore® hose.

“Working with our customers is always a pleasure. We know Flexibore® makes bore installations so much quicker. To receive the positive feedback from Matt and his team reaffirms our commitment to developing the most efficient water systems in Australia,” said Francois.

Alba will open later this year so that discerning bathers can enjoy the reinvigorating effects of thermal water. Enjoy!

Flexibore® accessories make installation easy!

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