The Pentair/Tyco Flow merger has expanded the range of product that is available to Pentair Flow & Filtration Solutions in Australia and New Zealand, allowing the best available product to be offered to our valued customers.

This is reflected in the updated range of Everflow line shaft turbines and submersible borehole pumps now available. The main feature of the additional models is an increase in operating efficiencies, due to the use of 316 stainless steel investment cast impellers, providing an excellent surface finish, resulting in higher operating efficiencies.

Depending on the flow and head required, many duties can be achieved with a reduced number of stages, which reduces the capital cost of the installation.

The improved performance can also allow the use of a size smaller driver, which provides a further saving in capital cost, as well as an ongoing savings in operating cost. In the case of electric motor drives, there may also be savings in the power supply and the switchgear required.

The new Everflow models are available in standard construction with cast iron bowls, 316 stainless steel investment cast impellers and 431 stainless steel shaft, and fit directly on the standard Everflow column and shaft, and use the Everflow discharge head, and drives. Alternative materials of construction are available for those applications that require a higher level of corrosive resistance. Pentair will continue to support the Everflow models that have been replaced with spare parts.

Pentair are proud to continue to offer our customers the best solution for their pumping applications, from residential, agricultural and HVAC to municipal, industrial and mining.

For more information about how Pentair can help with your needs, contact the team
on 131 PUMP today.

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