Whether you are operating in the alps or in a remote rural location, you can depend on FPT Industrial to provide reliable power. From the mountains to the sea, through fields and roads, FPT Industrial is the beating heart, powering any kind of mission.

PT Industrial is even capable of taking power up to Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus, which peaks at a height of 5642m (18,510 feet). The LEAPrus 3912 refuge was constructed at this altitude. However, calling it a “refuge” is misleading, as it is actually a very modern alpine station where design and comfort are the focus.

Thanks to one of the FPT Industrial power generators — the 3.2 litre F32 SM1A — this structure operates in even in the coldest temperatures (it can work in temperatures lower than -20°C). The generated energy is used to produce heat, melt the snow into hot and cold water, turn on the lights and run the wastewater drainage system.

In the end, if life is possible at LEAPrus 3912, it’s because there is an FPT Industrial engine at its very heart! motor

Proud of its 150 years of experience and know-how, FPT Industrial is strengthening its position as a worldwide provider of advanced powertrain solutions, which are focused on power generation — both for unregulated and regulated markets — with an extended portfolio covering from 30 to 600 kVA.

This year, FTP Industrial continues to leverage its technological excellence and product innovation, presenting engines that comply with emission legislations worldwide and always ensuring advantages on performance and efficiency.

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