Commencing back in 1962 in Dandenong, Victoria, close by to its present site, Franklin Electric began importing and distributing 4” submersible products. Soon after, local manufacturing commenced with specialised imported parts to offer the Australian water industry Franklin’s world-leading 4” submersible motors.

Over the decades, Franklin Electric motor products were designed and evolved to provide the industry with the highest quality 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” submersible motor products available.

Quality, reliability and performance

The main benefit that the Australian industry has come to rely on from Franklin is its quality, reliability and performance. Franklin demonstrates these every day to its customers through its Five Key Factors for Success: quality, availability, service, innovation and cost.

Franklin submersible motor products became Australia’s leading submersible motor and indeed the world’s most installed submersible electric motors.

Franklin had been partnering with pump manufacturers for decades and had developed a deep understanding of the market. When the industry started to consolidate around the world in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Franklin had some serious decisions to make.

Entering the global water pump industry

In 2004, Franklin Electric announced the purchase of JBD (the former Jacuzzi industrial range), and that it was entering the pumping industry by launching Franklin Pumping Systems, now known as FPS. Starting from a very low share, FPS is now leading the US market.

As the pumping industry is global, similar issues applied in Australia. In late 2007, Franklin Electric Australia, after three years of evaluating the market, entered the main water pump industry by launching and distributing its FPS range of submersible pumps and above ground pumps, motors, drives and controls direct to its own Australian dealer network.

In 2005, Franklin Electric purchased a 35 per cent stake of Pioneer Pump Inc, situated in Canby, Portland, Oregon. Pioneer manufactures a large range of centrifugal pumps and automatic self-priming pumps, as well as solids handling self-priming pumps.

Outside of the US, Pioneer Pump has factories for fabrication, and assembly and warehousing facilities operational in South Africa, England and Australia.

In 2011, Franklin Electric agreed to purchase the remaining 65 per cent of Pioneer. In 2020, Franklin Electric decided to consolidate its water business group globally under one Franklin Electric company.

Today, Franklin Electric Australia and Pioneer Pump Holdings Australia are one company, Franklin Electric Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd, with two facilities operating: the warehouse and assembly facility in Dandenong South, Victoria; and the fabrication assembly and test facility in Sunshine West, Victoria, which includes a logistic warehouse in Ravenhall, Victoria.

Along with the consolidation of the businesses comes the staff and the years of pump experience, the company has 100s of years of experience to assist every person who needs help with a pump or application.

An expanding range

Today, the range of products have expanded to:

• A full range of surface mount pumps, ISO, split case, multistage, small and large centrifugal motor pumps, progressive cavity (MONO TYPE) and self-priming ranges, small volume low head, to extreme high volumes (2500 LPS) and discharge heads exceeding 300m

• Solar pumps and pumping equipment

• A huge range of below ground pumps: submersible turbine, line shaft, bore hole and dewatering

Truly one of the largest and most comprehensive ranges of pumping and associated products supplied by a single company globally.

“Moving Water Moving Forward”

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