The Tasmanian Government has committed funding for the relocation of Macquarie Point Sewage Treatment Plant in its recent Budget.

The funding has been welcomed by TasWater.

“We are continuing to work collaboratively with government on the most effective way to move Macquarie Point forward,” said TasWater CEO, Mike Brewster.

“While Macquarie Point STP remains an effective sewage treatment facility, TasWater has always been willing to facilitate its relocation subject to a suitable shared funding arrangement that protects our customers’ interests by providing affordable services.

“We therefore welcome the government’s budget commitment to contribute its share of the necessary funding for the Macquarie Point Sewage Treatment Plant relocation and other projects of state significance.”

TasWater Chief Owner Representative, Doug Chipman, also welcomed the funding.

“I similarly welcome the State Government’s announcement to provide further funding towards the Macquarie Point sewerage plant relocation and other major projects of state significance.

“I also note the government’s intention to accelerate its commitment to acquire a ten per cent share in TasWater and look forward to all owners receiving a detailed briefing from the Board regarding revised CapEx and associated funding.”

The next step is for the TasWater Board to consider the matter in more detail before making a recommendation to its owners.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the government on major projects like Macquarie Point, and are optimistic about achieving a positive outcome for the state and our customers,” said Mr Brewster.

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