The association between NOV Mono and Australia goes back to 1938 when George Snow first began to work for Mono Pumps at its UK headquarters. He performed a number of roles up to 1950, during which time Mono expanded rapidly, establishing international agencies in such places as Sweden, Germany and France, as well as creating a presence for itself in more far-flung places including South Africa, Greece, Egypt and Israel.

1984-Canberra-Conference-&-Exhibition-3George Snow came to Australia in 1951, and with the help of the company’s agent, Alfred Snashall, began to create a new company, Mono Pumps (Australia) Pty Ltd. George established the first Mono headquarters at the Windsor Hotel in Spring Street, Melbourne, with a budget of just £1,000. He would spend the next 50 years developing the Mono name in Australia and turning it into the success story that it is today.

Land was eventually bought in Burwood, to create the factory where the manufacture of Mono pumps first started in Australia, with some work subcontracted to local companies. As the Mono workforce eventually grew to some 60 people, four acres of land were then bought at Dandenong Rd, Mordialloc where the building that became known as ‘Mono House’ was built.

Borehole pumps adapted specially for the Australian market were one of the company’s first popular products – something which eventually helped the company to become completely independent of Mono, UK, and change itself into Mono Pumps (Australia) Pty Ltd. 

There followed many years of acquiring both new equipment, and new suppliers who could help the company keep pace with the growing demand for Mono equipment in Australia. The company developed rapidly, creating its own rubber shop, making its own stators, exporting, and developing links with the Far East.

It was also George Snow who was instrumental in bringing together Australia’s pump manufacturers in an effort to create harmony within the industry. This eventually led to the creation of APMA. George became the organisation’s first President, and Mono went on to establish bases in many different locations including Sydney, Queensland, Darwin and Tasmania. The company also expanded its customer base into many different sectors, such as mining, chemicals, food and wine.

In more recent times, 2011 saw the company move its main production plant to Carrum Downs in Victoria. This helped to create a truly national presence, with its manufacturing activities supported by modern service centres in places such as NSW and Kalgoorlie.

The Mono brand has changed numerous times throughout its Australian lifecycle. Notable occasions have included the acquisition of the company by National Oilwell Varco in 2003, which created the NOV Mono name, and more recently NOV’s 2013 acquisition of Robbins & Myers. These developments have all helped today’s Mono in Australia become part of the world’s leading manufacturer of progressing cavity pumps and a wide range of associated equipment.


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