If you need reliable and efficient pumps to move hot and viscous fluids; if you need to move hot oils as high as 400°C, or hot water up to 207°C; if you need these pumps to save you money while they’re pumping; then Pump Power Australia has just what you need with their complete range of German Allweiler ALLHEAT® Pumps.

Pump Power Australia is proud to be the exclusive Australian supplier of Allweiler ALLHEAT® pumps for over 20 years and is proud to be partnered with a manufacturer that specialises in such superior product design, engineering and precision. The ALLHEAT® range of pumps is just one of the many ranges of industrial pumps which Allweiler produces.

Allweiler began developing thermal oil pumps back in 1960. Since that time, they have produced and delivered several hundred thousand pumps for heat-carrier applications and now have a global market share of around 25 per cent, which is growing. Allweiler is one of the industry’s major players, with their heat-carrier pumps being used successfully in every industrialised country of the world.

When you choose a heat-carrier pump from Allweiler, you are choosing from a manufacturer widely experienced in designing and optimising for real-world applications.

For every heat-carrier and every pumping task

Allweiler produces its own pump units and complete pump packages for virtually every requirement related to heat transfer. This includes mineral-based, synthetic as well as hot water applications. ALLHEAT® pumps are not only universally suitable for all heat-carrier liquids, they are engineered to not leak, to not give under pressure and to be completely safe for the operator when used according to instruction, unlike many cheaper versions from other manufacturers.

The magnetic drive option, ALLMAG®, are 100 per cent hermetically sealed, so they meet the most stringent environmental requirements. They can safely move toxic, environmentally hazardous and odorous heat carrier liquids without spillage or seizing up.  With process,  block, and inline versions, these pumps can be easily adapted to the installation conditions at your plant.

Service and support guaranteed

If you decide to use an ALLHEAT® pump, you can count on service and support no matter where you are located. Pump Power Australia stocks a complete range of Allweiler pumps and spare parts for prompt delivery.

Allweiler pumps are available in Australia through Pump Power Australia. For more information, visit or call 03 9933 7400.

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