Pump Industry Australia (PIA) stalwarts including President Ron Astall and PIA executives Ken Kugler and Keith Sanders will take part in a panel discussing developments in pumping systems for the building services sector at ARBS (Air-conditioning, Refrigeration, Building Services) in May.

The three panellists will address different aspects of pump technologies:

•Ron Astall will talk about pump efficiency, specific speed and where the best gains can be made in reducing power consumption in pumps and systems.

•Ken Kugler will discuss the new AS 2941-2013 Fixed fire protection installations – Pumpset systems standard, essential information for those who specify, procure or work with sprinklers and hydrants.

•Keith Sanders will offer insights into pump performance information and testing to AS 2417:2001 Rotodynamic pumps – Hydraulic performance acceptance tests.

Keith will also share his knowledge of current European trends in efficiency and power consumption, which looks at the Extended Product Approach and is currently subject of a draft Europump guide.

“The European Community is generally more advanced than Australia regarding regulation of pumping equipment,” he says, “and their approach may be instructive.”

ARBS 2014 will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20-22 May 2014. Seminar registrations are now open on the ARBS 2014 website

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