Pump Industry Australia started off a busy 2017 with a technical meeting at Hydro Innovations on 21 February.

The meeting was a great opportunity for PIA members and guests to network with colleagues who operate in the Sydney pump market, and the event was well-received by those who attended.

Presentations were made by Keith Sanders, Garry Grant, and ABB’s David Goodchild. Keith’s presentation, an introduction to lifecycle costs, explored total cost of ownership, and provided useful information to pump users and specifiers in attendance.

Garry spoke about the recent activities at Hydro Innovations including their new test bay that opened in 2016. Attendees were given the chance to view the new test bay at the Rydalmere facility, which has been set up as part of Hydro Innovations training centre.

PIA President Dave Alexander said the “impressive” centre was “designed to feel as though you are actually in a pump station”.

David Goodchild, Business Development Manager for High Voltage Motors and Generators at ABB, presented on the Dodge vertical gearmotor (VGM), a solution for low-speed vertical pumping applications that have high power requirements.


David, whose career at ABB spans more than 15 years, discussed the benefits of the VGM compared to pump driven technologies that utilitse large pole count motors, which can be expensive.

He also talked about the applications the VGM is suitable for, including pumping stations for flood control and wastewater, circulating water in power plants, desalination plants, irrigation systems, and pumping systems for residential and commercial water supplies.

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